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VMSA Vision Statement The Virginia Middle School Association is an alliance of individuals and representative of organizations which advocates academic excellence in a supportive and equitable learning environment responsive to the diverse interests, talents, accomplishments and needs of young adolescents.

VMSA Mission Statement The Virginia Middle School Association (VMSA) provides proactive leadership in middle level education in collaboration with state and national organizations, governmental agencies, and institutions of higher learning. The Association supports appropriate practices and experiences for young adolescents including high expectations, varied teaching and learning activities, flexible organizational structures, positive school climates, and school, family, and community partnerships. VMSA offers conference programs to provide professional development in appropriate practices for individuals with an interest in the education of young adolescents. The Association provides information resources, including print and web resources, as well as a support network for those working with students in the middle grades. VMSA strives to support and improve middle level education to meet the academic, physical, emotional, and social needs of young adolescents.
Revised July 1, 2001

VMSA seeks to honor teachers and other middle level educators who have demonstrated a devotion to teaching young adolescents and a commitment to best middle level practices.  We are sponsoring two awards to recognize a teacher and another educator who are involved in outstanding middle level education practices.  Links for each of these award nominations follow.  We encourage you to recognize these people who make a difference in our middle school kids' lives!

VMSA Teacher of the Year application materials

VMSA Educator of the Year application materials

new VMSA Newsletter A new site that includeds our montthly newsletter along with other links. 

VMSA January Newsletter in .pdf format

 Chesterfield educator named regional Teacher of the Year!  More information on our announcement page. 

Click here to access "the Endeavor" - A digest of News and Views of Middle Level Education  

 Check the "Announcements" page for recently updated information and opportunities!

Consider joining the Leadership Team of VMSA! Leadership opportunities exist for dynamic and ambitious middle school professionals:

Teacher Representative - The teacher representative will represent all middle level teachers in their region to the board. The teacher representative serves as a conduit for information from the board to the schools as well as providing information to the board from the schools.

If you are interested in serving middle level educators and students in your region and throughout the Commonwealth, please contact Gayle Sutton, President, at Gayle_sutton@ccpsnet.net
for more information.

Please review this website for information on joining VMSA, upcoming conferences, announcements pertaining to middle school and those involved with middle schools, and contact information on the many resources available within the middle school community. Use the links on the right to access this listed information and more! Finally, feel free to contact the many people listed with the Board of Directors if you need specific resources or information on middle school programming available in Virginia!


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